Corey and Clare
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We met online...

Clare was revisiting online dating after needing a break from the hoards of bros trying their best to gain her attention. Corey had a way with words and sense of humor that stood out to her so she suggested they meet in person. Clare immediately felt comfortable with Corey as he seemed to have a way of relaxing her, a trait that would grow ever more important as she was just starting her residency. Corey enjoyed how down-to-Earth Clare was and her compassion was heartwarming. After only a few dates, Clare asked Corey to go for a walk so they could talk. Clare began enumerating all the reasons why Corey should not date her, mostly related to her demanding schedule. Corey let her finish and simply said, "I'm all in." It was seriously straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. We both look back at that night as one of the best nights of our lives.

All photography provided by Geneva Boyett.




He's full of surprises...

We had both expressed interest in visiting Boston, so under the guise of a spontaneous trip to celebrate a promotion, Corey bought tickets for the next available weekend Clare had off work. It just so happened to coincide with our 2 year anniversary. What Clare didn't know was that Corey had also secretly bought tickets to a music festival that Mumford & Sons were headlining. After some run-of-the-mill sightseeing around Boston Harbor, Corey said they had to make their way towards Harvard's campus for a special event. As they approached the campus, the hoards of fans with extravagant signs let Clare know who they were about to see. Clare was ecstatic.

We took full advantage of the VIP section and listened to some incredible music all afternoon. We even met a friendly married couple that we talked with for hours and Clare lamented the lack of diamond ring on her finger. As the time approached for Mumford & Sons to take the stage, Corey and Clare asked a stranger to take their picture in front of the stage. Pretending to be unsatisfied with the result, Corey sought out another stranger to take a picture, or so Clare thought. Corey was actually recruiting someone to record a video of what was about to happen next.