Friday, May 25th

Similar to the ceremony/reception, we just want people to be comfortable. If you want to dress up though, feel free! Marcus has been looking for an excuse to wear his tailored suit from Nepal and Corey hasn't told him no one else will be wearing a suit so I guess we'll see if he reads this or not...

Corey plans on wearing whatever button-down shirt smells cleanest and some nice pants, or a sport coat with jeans, who knows. Clare will look amazing no matter what so good luck competing with that.

Dress code



  • Clare and Corey
  • Scott Ollendick and Julie Becker (parents of the groom)
  • Richard and Christie Crosh (parents of the bride)
  • Kay Ollendick (paternal grandmother of the groom)
  • Dan Connor (great uncle)
  • Kate Connor (ceremony officiant and cousin of the groom)
  • Groomsmen
    • Marcus Soukup (best man)
    • Brandon Faber
    • Chad Ollendick with Andee McCarthy
    • Craig Ollendick
    • Eric Crosh
    • Graham Crosh
  • Bridesmaids
    • Natalie Ramlow (maid of honor)
    • Allison Couture (matron of honor)
    • Nina Wave with Brian Wave
    • Danisa Saul
    • Ashley Crosh
    • Rachel Melchers